Great Salt Lake Engagements-Magna,UT

I’m in love with these Great Salt Lake Engagements! Utah has so many stunning locations I finally got to take my cute couple Jade & Kalen here. Which is perfect since they loved the idea of the Salt Flats but the Salt Flats are a few hours away, and the Great Salt Lake gives a similar look!

These two were adorable and loved to dance! They told me about their love of music and dancing with each other before we met for their engagements. I brought by speaker to our session and put on their favorite music! We had so much fun laughing and getting candid photos that spoke them and their relationship.


Jade & Kalen met in Oklahoma where they are both from, and that’s where they will be celebrating their wedding in December. They are having a Christmas wedding! How fun is that? I mean how doesn’t love Christmas right? They’re so excited to be having their wedding back home in Oklahoma with all of their loved ones. Check out how much fun we had at the Great Salt Lake and when we did another engagements session at the Record Store in Salt Lake City Utah!

I love how much fun I had with these two! I loved dancing and laughing with them to their favorite music! Nothing beats hanging out with my couples to make a fun night! If you loved these engagements make sure to check out their Record Store session! Jade & Kalen wanted two different looks and locations for their engagements. The Great Salt Lake Engagements were very clean and classic. I love how the Great Salt Lake has white sand and beautiful blue mountains in the background. While the Record Store is grungy, unique, and very special to them. As they love music! Which i'm all about! I love customizing my sessions for all of my couples! Contact me to schedule yours!