Miesh Studio Engagements-Salt Lake City, UT

Ohhhh my god I can’t wait until you see these cuties! McCall and Michael are basically the coolest around. They’ve got the world’s cutest and I mean cutest black Siberian Husky with bright blue eyes, and the best fashion sense. These two love sushi, the beach, and rap music. Which they more than once started rapping during our session haha, I love getting to know my couples! Scroll down to see there cute faces and read more about our session!


Utah’s spring weather had been cold and rainy so McCall & Michael decided to take their engagements indoors. Miesh Studio was perfect! With it’s white brick walls, vintage furniture, and huge gorgeous windows it couldn’t have turned out better! If you’re looking for an amazing studio check out Miesh Studio in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.

Uhmm a secret lick?! Could they get any cuter!? This is true love right here, I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in downtown Salt Lake City.


Are you in love yet? The only thing that could’ve made their engagement session better would have been their dog Kodiak. I wish the weather was good enough to go outside and take photos with their cute dog! If you want to bring your sweet furry friends to your engagement, couples, or bridal session your more than welcome to do so!

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