Tunnel Springs Winter Bridals- North Salt Lake, UT

This bridal session was stunning, but crazy cold! Chelsea was absolutely freezing during their bridal session in February of this year. So much so we had to run to the car several times to warm up! Not only were these two gorgeous already but we decided to add pink smoke bombs to their bridal shoot too! White snow, golden sunset, and pink smoke bombs?? You’re going to die when you see these magical bridal photos taken in North Salt Lake.

That’s why Tunnel Springs was the perfect location to take these bridals during the winter! Tunnel Springs sits high above Salt Lake City giving you the ultimate golden sunset. Not to mention it’s easy walking distance to our cars which is essential in Utah when the snow starts to pile up! I try and avoid walking long distances in the winter especially when temperatures drop below 15 degrees during a photo shoot!


I loved that Chelsea decided to wear a hat with her wedding dress. It’s so chic, boho, and trendy! Her dress is hand made by Natalie Wynn Design www.nataliewynndesign.com/ Natalie has makes the most incredible wedding dresses! If you want something unique I highly recommend you check her out! She even has silver, blue, and sheer lace dresses.

Chelsea’s wedding dress was long sleeved with blush and beige rose appliques. It even had dotted Swiss mesh all over the dress. If you don’t know what that is, it’s tiny ivory vintage polka dots. That are incredibly classy and unique!

I’m so happy Chelsea chose me to be her wedding photographer! I absolutely loved working with them and getting these amazing candid photos that showcased their love for each other.

Terra Ong